Cooperation with investors

Addressed to investors we offer

  • A pioneering, low-risk investment tool offering very high returns.
  • We introduce an investment vehicle that aims to modernise the existing daily needs of a city, thus maintaining a very low level of risk while ensuring high yields for the investor.
  • The innovative technology used in this platform acts as a lever of competitive advantage, requiring minimal installation and maintenance expenses compared to the expected inflows and existing solutions.
  • Alternatively, our system could also be offered as a reliable investment opportunity to investors. In this case, our Company would participate in the investment and take sole responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the system, without the need to ever engage the investor into day-to-day operation and management of the business.
  • We will act as a bridge between the investor and the county, ensuring the seamless function of the parking system and an amazing Return on Investment (ROI), producing outstanding profits on a consecutive annual basis.


Advantages over the competition

Park and Go
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