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Park and Go
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Timeless Innovation!
The wheel

In the world of innovation, there are certain creations that have remained unchanged since their discovery. These innovations cannot be improved because they are already perfect solutions. One such example is the wheel. While its appearance may vary, its basic design and form remain unaltered.

Likewise, our system is so impeccable that it does not necessitate any further enhancements. It represents a flawless solution in its current state.

Unparalleled automation!
Park and Go

The E-park tag and E-park App are the two main components of the system. They can be used independently or in combination.

With the free E-park App, users can choose their preferred payment methods, prepay for parking spaces, book available spaces, and provide their address if they are permanent residents of a specific area.

With the E-park tag, users can select their payment method and mobile phone number through the app. They can also provide their address if they are permanent residents of the area.

Drivers using the E-park tag have the flexibility to park in any available space they prefer. The system automatically records their entry time and chosen payment method. When they leave the parking spot, the system calculates the duration and charges their account accordingly. An SMS notification is sent with the amount charged. If there are insufficient funds, the system credits the driver's account.

Drivers who solely use the E-park App need to identify themselves through the application when they park and when they leave.

Together, the E-park tag and E-park App provide seamless automation and simplify the management of free parking spaces.


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Park and Go
Unparalleled Automation

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