General characteristics

  • The system stores in a database all related to payments and vehicle parking manners data, so that they are available for any required study.
  • The system also provides flow indicators, occupancy indicators, average input value and all this per parking space, street, zone, in the requested time period.
  • In addition, it allows the effectiveness of staff control to be verified, as the system can store per user the actions performed during an irregularity check.
  • One of the reports compares the data with the payments, immediately pointing out the periods of illegal parking.

In real time we can be informed about:

  1. Vacancies (Total, per zone, per street, per plaza)
  2. Parking lots occupied paid.
  3. Parking lots occupied paid but with overdue payment time.
  4. Parking lots occupied but never paid.
  5. Prepaid Parking spaces on hold.
  6. Cars waiting for free Parking spaces.
  7. Operating status of the sensors.
  8. Receipts.

Statistical Data

On a daily basis we can get information on useful statistics that help in making strategic decisions. Including:
  1. Flow indicators.
  2. Average unoccupied time.
  3. Analysis by Parking lots and zone.
  4. Analysis of vacancies per hour, day, week, month and corresponding analysis of receipts.
  5. Average revenue per location, road or zone.
  6. Parking time (Total, per street, per zone)
  7. Graphic analysis of payments / irregularities by hour of the day, day of the week, day of the month and average receipts.


Advantages over the competition

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