Request for the first vacancy

  • Unlike a prepaid parking lot, a driver may not want to pay for the parking space in advance, but at the same time have some priority in the first vacancies as he moves to his destination.
  • Also, a passing driver who does not find available parking spaces, instead of waiting thus creating a traffic problem, can ask to be informed about the first vacancy that will arise.
  • In this case the driver can select specific parking spaces, or parking lots in a wider area, that at the time of selection are unavailable and request to be informed of the first parking vacancy that will arise.
  • The system has the ability to keep First in First Serve (FIFS) priorities.
  • The moment a position is vacated it automatically informs the first priority driver to go to the specific position which is reserved for him.
  • At the same time a red light is on in this parking lot, so that if someone wants to park, it may appear that this space is not available.
  • Also the system will not let him pay, informing him that this position is prepaid and he will have to find another one.


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